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About Us

The guraki was created at the beginning of 2017. We make charms with the most beautiful materials, while you put the magic and wishes for your loved ones... The result is unique objects that decorate the space, bring good luck and many times to us they remind of the year when something important happened. We spent several creative years with you and new requirements were created through contact with you. So Gouraki started making handmade Easter candles and a separate wholesale and business gift department was created. What we haven't changed is the careful selection of materials, our willingness to design individual items, but also to use our customers' feedback to improve. After all, every time we design a new bunny, we have a special person in mind!

The company

Gouraki belongs to the company Tseliou Brothers & Co., based in Ag. Friday and Tax ID 999927069 To see detailed information about our physical address and contact us, click HERE